Milk Duct Tape's sound is a fuzzed-out gumbo made of grunge, punk, alternative, desert and hard rock. Think Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney and QOTSA with the occasional foray into Exile On Main St.-era Rolling Stones. Dan Bobek's super-saturated guitar tone utilizes numerous fuzz and distortion pedals to create a cascading sonic tide. Matt Moss' grinding bass attack provides a powerful counterbalance to the roaring wall of noise and both men share writing, arrangement and lead vocal duties. Adam Clayton's manic, ear-rattling drumming recalls that of Keith Moon but with a fever-curing dose of cowbell.

MDT's origins take place in mid-summer 2013 when Bobek released a solo LP titled Coffee and Other Caffeinated Delights. Seeking to cobble together a band to perform the songs live, the Iowa City native put out a message on local Craigslist to see if any musicians were interested in the project. After several meetings and jam sessions with different personnel, the lineup for the first iteration of MDT coalesced around the trio of Bobek, veteran drummer Troy Tietge and Cedar Rapids bassist/vocalist Matt Moss. Early sessions by this trio were held late that summer at Tietge's Iowa City garage and the then-unnamed band landed its first set in October. Needing a handle for the gig, Bobek gave the venue "Milk Duct Tape." The name was gibberish off the top of Bobek's head, but the three initials synced up nicely with the first names of the band's members: Matt, Dan & Troy. MDT played a couple gigs that autumn and recorded their first two tracks, Bobek's grungy punk cut Codeine, featured on local radio, and Moss desert rocker Journey Into Parts Unknown, for which the band released its first video. Tietge then left MDT because of a badly injured hand and the band decided to continue on while searching for a new drummer.

That new drummer turned out to be Bobek's old drummer, Adam Clayton of Iowa City. Bobek and Clayton had a long musical history and friendship dating back to their days growing up in Macomb, Illinois. Recently, they'd been two thirds of the Iowa City band Raw Mojo, disbanded in mid-2013. As sessions moved into Clayton's basement, Bobek and Moss welcomed Clayton first as a part-time, quickly turned permanent, band member. More area gigs came and went throughout the subsequent winter and spring before the band retreated in April to complete work on a self-produced and released debut EP, "Styrofoam Tombstone" released on February 24th, 2015. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all other major online distributors.

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